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Sign up for a free test Login to veescore tracks and discovers trends and success of both videos and channels on Youtube. You can find the most successful Youtube content, most viewed channels for every niche and track your competitors. Turn to us for measuring how many hours of video exposure your brand or your competitor’s product is getting and if and how it is growing.


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With VeeScore you can find out a lot about what happens on Youtube. Here are some examples

  • channels and videos by country
  • channels and videos by category
  • channels and videos by MCN
  • channels and videos by relative and absolute growth
  • channels and videos by date of publication
  • extensive details on videos
  • extensive details on channels
  • extensive details on MCNs
  • create your own brand or product report
  • all data updated around the clock
  • find upcoming viral content for every niche
  • discover upcoming and successful channels
  • adapt successful strategies to your own video strategy


Welcome Dashboard with all trending new videos per Youtube category.
Multiple filters let you find all trending videos with endless possibilities per country, category, publish-date and so on.
See watch time, successfull content and channels for every MultiChannelNetwork
The MCN reporting also gives you details on successfull categories and upcoming videos
See fascinating details for each Youtube channel: Find out the secret behind every channel's success
Veescore tracks uploads, interactions and also gives you the watchtime for each channel
For every video you can find deeper metrics and estimate how successful a video is in terms of subscriber gain
Find out which channels are gaining most new view and subscribers - and optimize your result with filters
You need to find out most successful Howto & Style channels from the USA? Just a click with VeeScore
Start your own reporting and keep track on videos, views and viewtime exposure for your brand or your competitor
Who is the most important influencer for your product? Who is viewed most when it comes to your brand? Veescore knows


VeeScore Basic
Trend Dashboard
Basic Video Trends
Basic Video Details
Basic Channel Trends
Basic Channel Details
CSV Export
2 Custom Reportings
VeeScore Professional
Track any Channel
Trend Dashboard
Advanced Video Trends
Advanced Video Details
Advanced Channel Trends
Advanced Channel Details
MCN Details
CSV Export
10 Custom Reportings


VeeScore loves to show its tool in practice. Therefore we also offer consulting & training to companies and individuals. This includes:

  • Channel optimization and benchmarking for your YouTube channel
  • Development of demand-orientated program plan (Hygienic, Hub, Hero)
  • Design of individual YouTube playbook for your company
  • Development of appropriate YouTube content strategy
  • Performing competitive Intelligence for competitor channels
  • Planing of paid campaigns based on real YouTube demand
  • YouTube market research and testing
  • Conducting best practice YouTube training

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Q: Can I access all channels or just a small set? A: We track millions of channels. You can see details for all the channels we know of. If you miss a channel, just drop us an e-mail.
Q: How often ist the data refreshed? A: We refresh the data around the clock - some metrics are updated every couple of minutes and we try to be as fresh as possible.
Q: Do you need a login to my channel to show details? A: No. We collect data though all other options. That is why we can also show you fascinating insights on your competition.
Q: Can I test Veescore? A: Sure - just apply for a free test and we will come back to you.
Q: Can I use Veescore to scout for interesting channels or videos? A: Yes - that is what Veescore does! Find gaining channels, find viral content.
Q: Do you only track views? A: No. We track comments, likes, dislikes and also watchtime. If you want to know how much watchtime or likes your product or company has, we are the right place to go to!
Q: Are new features coming? A: Yes! We will be adding new metrics, features regularly for each license type.


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